Monday, May 10, 2010

More Disney

At Epcot they had a new addition and it was a really neat play area for children. There were all sorts of climbing equipment. They had fake grass on the ground that was so cushy. I think it would be a great thing to have in the yard. Much softer than real grass, very green, no weeds, and never needs mowing. I would love to have that in the back yard.
On Saturday morning we made a quick trip to the Animal Kingdom before Ricky got there.

We rode the train. We were able to get in the very last seat which is where the conductor is. If you are lucky they will let you announce "All Aboard!" Tanek was practicing and the conductor thought he did such a good job she did let him announce it.

He was very good at saying "All Aboard" and really didn't need the microphone to be heard.

But the conductor let him use the microphone anyway. She also give him the guest conductor license. He has 2 of them now. She said he announced it better than she had heard all day.

Tanek and his daddy

Besides the Disney bus being his favorite ride the next best was on his daddy's shoulders

One of his favorite rides is the t-cups. This time we were riding with his daddy and he had that t-cup going faster than we have ever been on it. We were all quite dizzy.

The faster we went the better he liked it

Getting ready to ride the t-cups

The "Heath" family. Tanek was so happy to have his daddy at Disney. I don't think Disney is Ricky's favorite place to be, but I give him credit, he tried and he did it. I wonder how many other men indure Disney???

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Karen said...

The picture you took of him spinning on the tea cups is adorable!