Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Backyard project- phase !

OK, we got the backyard rototilled and now it has to be raked out and tilled again. Tanek loves to help in the yard. He is papa's biggest helper in the yard.

It will be awhile before the ground is ready to plant. We also need to put in some soil enhancers before we plant. The rain has at least help to put some moisture in the ground. It is so sandy that water sort of runs off of it.
Tanek is serious about this yard work.

I wonder if he is thinking "Is this worth it?"

Papa in his yard work duds. Isn't he cute?

This Chinese Honey tree was given to us several years ago when it was quite little. It was in this pot and we set it out in the yard. Not really where we planned to leave it, but left it there until we decided where to put it. Obviously longer than we should have. It took root and then there was no moving it. The tree puts out some wonderful fruit. It looks like it is just sitting in this small pot, but the roots are actually in the ground. Since we are having to redo the whole lawn it seemed like a good time to deal with this tree too.

Gary cut the pot down and then he laid these stone blocks around to make a planter out of it.
It doesn't look like it would be that big of a job, but considering you have to get under the tree to do it and it required him laying down on the ground (the hard part was getting back up) it was harder than we thought. And then getting the stones to go around in a circle equally. Let's just say he is glad it is done and that there won't be another one to do.

The finished project. Looks pretty good. Just need to put the fence back together and get the grass planted. At least it makes the tree look like we wanted it there. And it isn't a bad place for it. It is easy to get to the fruit and convenient. The cold had really hit this tree back and we thought we had lost it, but it had more buds on it than ever. If they all grow the tree will be loaded down this fall. And the fruit is SO good.

Here is our little bunny bun. Yesterday while we were working out in the yard, he was just chillin on the porch. He has gotten "very" comfortable with his new home.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Your bunny looks like he has moved in to stay!! So cute!!

Karen said...

O my word - that bunny doesn't try to run off??

I think the bucket around the tree was so cute, I may have left it there!