Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of Swimming Lessons

Monday was Tanek's last day of swimming lessons at UF. When we got there it was starting to storm and so they moved them inside to the big pool. It was pretty confusing as they had the swim teams in there and had to move them over. Tanek wasn't very excited about going inside and he said the water was cold.
As you can see, he is pretty much freezing here. He was pretty happy when it was over.
I guess they keep the inside pool cooler than the outside one. I thought it would be warmer, but it wasn't. He said he would take his lessons in Nana's pool from now on where the water is warmer.

He had just eight 1/2 hour lessons, but I think it helped him a lot. He has always loved the water and is not afraid of it at all. That is one of the reason's we wanted to make sure he knew how to swim as he will just jump in whether or not anyone is there to catch him. I am sure over the summer he will be able to perfect his skills by swimming everyday. I do think the Swim America is a very good program.

Here is the video of his last lesson