Thursday, May 13, 2010

First Two in the Pool!

Today Tanek and his daddy went swimming in the pool for the first time. I had promised him he could go swimming today and I was SO happy that his daddy decided to take him. The water is getting warm (86 degrees) but I prefer it a little warmer. They had a good time and by the time they got out Tanek's lips were quivering from the cold.

He still loves to jump into the pool and will jump whether you are ready for him or not.

The big thing he needs work on is floating on his back. He is not real anxious to do this although he can. I guess that feeling of just laying back and not thinking you are going to sink makes him a little uncertain. He does well swimming, and they are teaching him (at swimming lessons) to turn over on his back and breathe and then swim again.

He was a little more confident with his daddy than he was with the swimming instructor. I think he is doing pretty good after just 2 lessons.

He does love to be on top of his daddy's shoulders.

He did very well jumping off the side of the pool and swimming to his daddy.

He loves the jumping off, over and over again.

And again!

I do look forward to the water getting a little warmer and it won't take much longer with as hot as it is now. I can see many hours of fun in the pool this summer.


Karen said...

Aaaaahhhhhh!!!!! I want to be in that pool enjoying the warm sunshine!! We are finally warming back up with sunny skies after several weeks of gray, cold, wet days. Ready for summer!

Nana said...

Well come on down, the pool is OPEN!