Friday, May 14, 2010

Tanek in School

Stephanie and I are homeschooling Tanek in preschool. He is learning well and there are some things he really likes to do better than others. Unfortunately, the things he "really" likes I don't. He loves Lego's, puzzles and stuff like that. I prefer things that are 1 piece. However, we are working well on some things. He is learning to write his letters good. He is very proud when he learns to write something new. We also have magnetic letters that he uses to spell with. He is learning the capitals of the states. He can show you where all of us were born and live on the map. He can find a lot of the capitals on the map too.

He did this "all by myself". One of his favorite sentences.
He got these magnetic gears and he loves them. These I even like. You put them all together and if you put them together right you can turn them all at one time. He said it reminds him of the insides of a clock. All turning round and round. I am not sure how he knows what the inside of a clock looks like.

You can make all sorts of designs with them.

He also likes to read and is doing very well at that. And he wants to know how to spell everything. Sometimes he ask how to spell whole sentences. And whatever signs he sees along the road he wants to know what they say. He says, "I am curious". That is putting it mildly. He ask at least a thousand questions everyday. But I know that is how he learns. Some days I prefer recess. But then I always did. :)

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