Friday, May 21, 2010

Mr. Bun Bun

Look what Mr. Bun Bun is up to now. This morning I found him just sitting in an empty pot. There is no telling where he ends up. He gets in the back of one of Tanek's toys, he lounges on the step all sprawled out. He has just pretty much made the back porch his home and he seems quite happy there.

Especially at night you can see him running all over. He isn't afraid of the dogs and sometimes even chases Stanley.

He is getting pretty big and is so cute. He comes up to the sliding door as if to say "let me in". I hope THAT doesn't ever happen.

These are the shoes I wear when I work in the yard. For some reason they are very tasty to him and he is pretty much eating them up. I have had to put them up where he can't reach them. He is still using the litter box which I am thankful for. He loves carrots best and he also eats rabbit food. We are enjoying having him around.


Alice said...

i love my rabbit! and, yes, they like the chew on things :). aren't they a lot of fun, though?

Karen said...

O my word - he's adorable! We miss our bunny - Mocha. And yep, they chew anything they can. Mocha's favorite treat was the core of an apple and celery sticks.