Friday, May 21, 2010

New Washer & Dryer

For the past several months my 20 year old washer and dryer has been getting ready to bite the dust. I knew it was just a matter of time. The dryer sounded like a rocket ship taking off. The washer was working (sorta) but about 2 weeks ago it flooded the laundry room. Not fun. So, we decided it was time to get new ones. I mean I do have better things to do than stand and watch the washer wash to be sure it isn't going to flood the house again. SO.... yesterday Lowe's delivered these. They were supposed to get here at 4:00 PM but didn't make it until 8:00 PM.
Tanek was here when they came and he was pretty excited about it. He liked watching the delivery man get our old ones on the big truck and the new ones off and in the house. He got out his little cell phone (his mom's old one) and called Sears. He said "Hi Sears, you can't come over here Lowe's is here right now". I am not sure why he felt the need to call Sears, but he did. He was also interested in knowing If...the new dryer would be quiet and he could hear the TV now.
Funny what little kids observe.

The washer has lots of buttons and it plays music when it goes on and off. Pretty cool. Everything is computerized and pretty much thinks for you. You just push the button you want.
It is a water saver and it is amazing how little water it does use.
The dryer is pretty much the same. Lots of buttons.

And the tub is BIG. I was able to do a bunch of clothes, towels, overalls in just 3 loads. Really made laundry a lot easier. I painted the laundry room and am still working on it as far as getting it all organized and will put some curtains up etc and make it a nice little room. Before it was used to store so much stuff I could hardly get in and out of it. But now it will function like a real
laundry room. Trying to make the job pleasant one.

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Karen said...

Tanek is just soooooo cute! Austin got a new Ipod touch that he can pictures on and so he and Casey went through pics, and Tanek will be happy to know that there are several of him on there :).

We have the same washer! I love how much it washes at one time! The only issue I've had is that jeans get tangled up, so let me know if yours do that too. I didn't get a new dryer, but I'd get the match too! At least it makes doing laundry a little more pleasant...