Thursday, July 2, 2009

Girls Outing

I just came back from spending 6 days in Maryland with my family up there. I have many pictures to post, but since I have Hannah here with me, I wanted to post these first so that her family can see what she is doing while she is here with her Nana & Papa. Today Anita and I took our grand-daughters Hannah & Morgan to the Strawberry Tea House.
We had to do some talking to convince them to put these hats on, but we had some fun with it.
I think these 2 girls look beautiful in their hats.

Anita picked this hat out for me.
Morgan picked this one out for her Meme. We had lots of fun and a nice lunch.

After lunch we came back to our house and went swimming. I think the girls had more fun swimming than at the tea house, but it was all fun. They both swim like little fish and had a great time.


Alice said...

i'm so glad hannah came home with you - what a great treat for you! the strawberry tea room is a cool place and everyone looks wonderful in their pretty hats :). you're a great nana :)

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

It looks like Hannah is having a great time!!! Thanks for being such a great Nana. We will have to make T.A.N. (Time Alone with Nana), a yearly tradition!!

Nana said...

I am all for that. I think maybe after this year she won't be as homesick. We are having fun though.