Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Maryland Pictures!

Proud Daddy with his girls before the recital. Here is Emily with her daddy.
Hannah and her daddy
Daddy and his two dancers Emily and Hannah

Kirsten and her daddy. Kirsten is the horseback rider in the family and she is very good. Hannah was also a good rider, but decided to go back to dance. She is also a good dancer and Emily loves dancing so much.

Kirsten and Dad waiting for the dress rehersals to start.

Some pictures outside before we left for dress rehersals.

Emily doing a part of her dance. How cute is this?

After the recital with all their flowers. Emily is just a little tired out. She was the cutest bunny of all.

Hannah was a beautiful poppy in the recital. Of course I think she was the prettiest poppy of all.
Flowers from mom & dad and nana.

Hannah wears many hats. Here she was getting ready to practice for Upward Basketball the Monday after the recital. SHe is a pretty good player too.

Hannah loving the kitty while Kirsten has her riding lesson.

Kirsten is an avid rider. She loves horses so much and doesn't mind brushing and cleaning up around the horse. She loves the smell of a horse stable. She competes sometime in riding.

This is serious stuff to her. She would live here if she could. She is a very pretty rider.This is a large horse and I think she looks very pretty riding on him.

Brushing him down before and after riding him.


Alice said...

looks like you had a great trip. i love your pictures of your time there. did hannah get home OK?

Nana said...

Yes she did and we had a great time while she was here.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Yay - love your pictures!