Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swimming in the Rain!

Today after having lunch at Johnny's Karen, Nicole, Casey, Austin, & Jackie came over to go swimming. As soon as papa and Tanek got in the pool it started raining. Since there was no lightning they all just kept swimming. Here is Casey and Austin showing Tanek how to wear goggles.
Papa, Tanek, and Austin playing with the monster trucks in the pool in the rain.

Papa and Tanek in the rain.
In between rain showers Casey, Nicole, Karen & Austin

Jackie, Karen and Nicole

After swimming when the thunder and lightning started we came on the porch. Austin and Tanek with their monster trucks.

These little trucks really are cute and lots of fun .



Karen holding Tanek and Austin

We have enjoyed spending some time with the family from Minnesota. They will soon be going back home. I hope they have stored up enough of Johnny's bbq to last them until the next visit.

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