Sunday, July 5, 2009

Last day of T.A.N. with Hannah!

Today was the day that I had to take Hannah to Orlando to meet friends so that she could fly home tomorrow. Well, when you are only going to be 5 minutes from Disney what do you do???
Of course, you can't pass up that opportunity. Stephanie and I decided we would go to Downtown Disney for lunch and let Hannah have a special day before we took her to meet friends.

We decided to eat lunch at Wolfgang Puck. We no sooner sat down with our lunch when it started POURING rain. We has a nice leisurely lunch and by the time we were finished it had quit raining and cooled it down a little
I had her stop under this Christmas wreath, because I wanted a picture of it. You know Christmas is only 5 months away. Never to early to think about decorations.

Cinderella was always my favorite princess. I finally had a little girl with me to take a picture of her without seeming silly. Thanks Hannah.

Tanek's favorite place is the lego store. Even though I don't personally like lego's it is a very cool place. It is amazing what they make out of those little pieces. There is plenty of play area for the children to make things and we always stop there. Since we had just watched the movies 101 and 102 Dalmations we thought it would be a good place for a picture, with the dalmation lego dog.

Hannah and Tanek were building with the lego's while we waited for Stephanie to purchase a lego bulldozer for Tanek. He Loves all sorts of bulldozers and large Caterpillers of all kinds.
What a sweet smile from Hannah.

Hannah built skyscrapers from lego's.

Even 3 year olds can build with lego's

We took Hannah to the Gaylord Palms Hotel to meet her friends. What a beautiful hotel that is. I think and hope that this was a special day to end a special week of T.A.N. time. I got Hannah a new Minnie Mouse pin to go with the collection she started last summer when they went to Disney. Now that I know which ones she has we sorta decided which ones we would add next. Many memories were made this week that I hope will last a lifetime. Hannah, I love you. I sure hope you will beable to come back next summer for your T.A.N. time. Hopefully we can make this a yearly thing with all 3 of you.

And as always, we have to capture Tanek asleep after a busy Disney day. Here he is holding on to his new lego bulldozer. It was a very special day even though it was a short and quick stop at Downtown Disney.


Eva Gallant said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing them with all.

Karen said...

Love the Cinderella picture - so sweet.

Alice said...

such a fun trip... and one worn out little boy :)