Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Haircut time...again!

Today was time for Tanek to have another haircut. This is one of his most unfavorite things to do. SO with promises of going swimming right afterwards, and anything else I could think of we started on the dreaded haircut. This little guy DOES NOT like his hair cut. Unfortunately his hair grows very fast and he has a lot of it. So we get it done however we can. Today we started with him playing with his toy bulldozers. That lasted a few minutes and then it was lots of complaining after that. We did manage to get it cut. He did get to go swimming and everything was good after that. He still loved his Nana and wasn't mad at me anymore. He had lots of fun swimming.
After swimming we came in and he had a bubble bath to get ready for gymnastics. He likes to pretend he is papa and puts bubbles on his face like a mustache and says he is papa.
He was quite pleased with his mustache made of bubbles.

After the haircut, after swimming and after the bath he was ready to get back to just regular playing. He was his happy self again. He is looking forward to tomorrow when Austin, Casey, Nicole, Karen and Cary will come over to swim. He loves having a "boy cousin" to play cars with. He is looking forward to it. Austin has all girl cousins, and I think he likes having a boy cousin to play with. Tanek finally went to sleep tonight thinking about Austin coming over tomorrow.

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Alice said...

looks like a pretty fun day after that little shakey haircut-thing - lol! kali didn't like haircuts either until about 3-4 years ago, so i understand the whole bribing system perfectly well myself :O)