Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swimming fun!

After VBS Anita and Kim and family have come over for lunch and swimming. It has been too cold for me to go in since all the rain, but the kids love it. Chandler is first or maybe the last one in the pool.
Garrett and Morgan (the one under the water)
Papa, Tanek and Morgan. Papa got to go in with Tanek.

The women chatting on the porch where it is dry.

Tanek loves playing in the pool with the big kids. He thinks he is as big as they are.

One of his favorite things is to be thrown up high in the air and come down and make a big splash on whoever catches him.

Morgan doing handstands in the water.

Tanek with his buddy Chandler. Chandler has been helping out in Taneks VBS class and Tanek thinks he is one of his best buddies.

Garrett helping him out of the pool so he can jump in again. They have had a good time swimming. Tanek was litterally turning blue today but wouldn't get out until the big boys got out. He was having so much fun. The water temp has dropped quite a bit with all the rain and therefore not very inviting to me. I love it that he has big people to take him in besides me.

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