Thursday, July 16, 2009

Overnight trip to St. Augustine Beach

Wednesday and Thursday we spent at St. Augustine Beach. Meme Anita, Garrett, Chandler, Morgan, Stephanie, Tanek and I had a great time. We spent our time between the beach and the pool. It was quite hot and the water pretty warm. St. Augustine isn't as pretty as the gulf beaches, but any beach is beautiful. We all had a great time playing in the water, and sand and sun. Below is Tanek strolling on the beach with his shades on and Morgan building in the sand.

Tanek, Morgan and Stephanie building sandcastles in the sand.
Tanek giving Garrett a little water to cool him off.

Stephanie builds very nice sand castles for Tanek.

Back at the pool with Tanek, Chandler and Garrett.

Walking on the beach yesterday afternoon. It was so beautiful. It had stormed a couple hours before and the sky was just beautiful and it was so relaxing to just walk along. Tanek and Morgan are looking for shells and sharks teeth.

I just love the beautiful ocean and sky. It is just so majestic. It just makes you realize how great our God is to create such beauty for us to enjoy.

Tanek just couldn't get enough of the water.

Meme keeping in touch with her hubby.

Tanek & meme looking for shells.

I LOVE the beautiful sky

We saw this big hole and Tanek coldn't wait to get inside of it.

Another beautiful sky picture. I love clouds and all the different forms they take.

Morgan and Tanek just walking along and enjoying theirselves. Tanek loves his adopted family. He doesn't have cousins near by and Morgan, Chandler and Garrett are more like older brothers and sister. And meme is way on top of his fave people.

This picture was taken this morning with the sun on the ocean and it was beautiful. How I would love to live at the beach and beable to walk on it every morning. There just isn't anything more beautiful or peaceful.

The sun shinning on the water is just so beautiful.
Tanek running on the water. I love the way it shows his hair blowing as he runs.

Jumping up in the water. This was a great trip. We had lots of time to play, relax, eat and enjoy each others company and of course the beauty of the beach. What more could you ask for.? Maybe Disney next? Actually have 2 trips planned in August .


Alice said...

these are beautiful! they kids are having a great time and so was stephanie :). looks like a good break away - wish i was there with you!

Wife and Mom said...

Your pictures are great Nana and I love the beach too.

Karen said...

Love the beach pics! I can't wait to be at the beach soon!

Rick said...

Looks like a fun day - great weather. I like the pic of the two young ones walking away.

Whitney said...

Awesome :) I love the photos! The beach is amazing & I love going during sunset & sunrise..or any other time of the day! God's creation is VERY gorgeous & I would love to live on the beach, too! But, probably the mountains more--Florida's too flat for me! Haha :) Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! Tanek is soo cute!