Monday, March 30, 2009

Papa's Garden!

It's that time of year again. Papa has a pretty large garden this year. I also bought way more tomatoes and peppers than we had last year. Tanek and I were planting the tomato plants here.

Tanek wanted to help papa plant his pea's. This is one thing papa planted way more of this year. We had such good luck with them last year and everyone loved them so if the deer don't get them again like they did last fall we should have plenty.

This row papa dug up just for Tanek to plant. He wanted to help papa plant peas and this is his row.

You can see in the backgrownd the corn is coming up.

You can see to the right of papa's foot the pea's that are already coming up.

Covering up the pea's after they are planted.

A job well done.

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Alice said...

you guys are so great teaching Tanek all the things you do. he's so lucky to have the two of you as grandparents. this looks like a lot of fun! and the eating will be tasty and wonderful :O)