Monday, March 2, 2009

Where did Spring go?

I am wondering will we ever get to Spring. Saturday was a beautiful 80 degree day although it was quite windy. It rained Sunday morning and now we are in the 50's and headed for a night in the 20's. I am SOOOO ready for Spring to come and stay. Even "hot" sounds good right now. Everything is just sprouting out and now it will probably be brown by morning. At least we don't have snow, but it is still cold and I for one am ready for this winter to be past. This is one of the longest and coldest winter's we have had here. It started in November and here we are in March and it is still going on. Enough is enough. Let's have SPRING please! I have these flowers getting ready to open up all over the yard. I sure hope they won't freeze tonight.

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