Monday, March 23, 2009

1350+ miles in one short weekend!

This past week-end we drove up to Waynesville, NC to visit my brother who is very ill. We drove over 1350 miles in 3 days. We went up to Waynesville to spend the day and evening with him and then to Ashville to spend the night. The next morning we went over to Raleigh to spend time with our good friends Jean and Patrick. On Sunday we drove back home. It was good to see everyone, but a very long drive in a very short time. North and South Carolina were just having spring bursting out. I took the picture of this beautiful tree from our hotel room in Ashville. There were so many of these trees blooming and they are beautiful. It was very cold up there. I don't know if they consider this spring weather but when it gets below freezing it is Winter to me. They had these white trees (some are pear, I don't know if they all are) all along the drive from Waynesville to Raleigh. Going over the smokey mountain pass was very pretty too. It will be really pretty in a couple more weeks.

This tree is in Raleigh. I took a close up of the flower. This is a pear tree.

Here is my friend Jean. We went walking in her neighborhood so I could get some pictures of these trees. They live is a beautiful neighborhood and had lots of flowers blooming. Jean and I met 20+ years ago when I made leotards for her gymnastics club. We became lifelong friends and have had many neat experiences along the way. Whenever we get together we take right up where we left off even if it has been a couple years. Gary and Patrick hit it off real good ( when they met several years ago) and we had a great visit even if it was only for one afternoon and night.

This picture was taken from the car window at about 75 miles per hour. It was in South Carolina somewhere and I thought the trees were so colorful. They are budding out for spring and almost look like they are fall trees with all the color.

These yellow flowers were all over the trees and plants growing in a vine and they were so pretty. They were hard to get pictures of and I almost waited too long to get any.

It was a very long trip and I am very happy to be home.


Alwc said...

The top picture if Fantastic, the colors all go together to make a very pleasant and soft image. I love it

Alice said...

Sounds like you had a good trip. Sorry your brother is sick. I'll be praying he's better soon. Your pictures are really pretty - you know how I am about flowers and bushes :O). I'd sure like some pears off that tree when the time comes :O).

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Nice pictures. I can't wait to see signs of spring like that around here. I think it may be just around the corner. I'm glad you spent some time with Uncle Richard.

Nana said...

It was really getting very pretty in NC. Spending time with my brother was good, but it is a very sad situation. Very hard to see him like this.