Monday, March 9, 2009

Double "D" Day

Today was double "D" day for Tanek. First to the doctor for his 3 year old check up and then to the dentist for a cleaning. "Are you kidding me?" Cleaning the teeth of a 3 year old? Oh well.
First was getting through the hurdle of the dreaded doctor visit. Mommy had a little bargaining going on. If he was good, he could get a new toy bulldozer. He loves that kind of toy. He was quite excited about a new bulldozer. Well when the nurse came in to weigh him and measure him and he had to take off his clothes he wasn't too happy about that and he let her know about it. I think he intimidated her more than she did him. But when the doctor came in she was so good with him and she soon won him over. She sat down and just talked to him and she was so good with him. She is a very good Pediatrician She thought he was doing great and even told us he was quite smart. (actually we already knew this but we were glad she also could see it). What parent or grand-parent doesn't think their child is brilliant??? I certainly knew from a very early age that my children and then grand-children are very brilliant. Nice to have it confirmed by the doctor.

Waiting for the doctor to come in.

I can do this. It will be a breeze. And a new bulldozer too. Not a bad deal.
Oh, when will it be over?? I am ready to go shopping.

After we got through the doctor visit it was time to go find the new bulldozer. Can you believe that neither the regular Wal-mart or Super Wal-mart in Gainesville nor toys-r-us had it. We had to go to Wal-mart in Starke to find it. He was very patient though and didn't get upset. So then it was time to go to the dentist. Luckily being good in the dentist office wasn't part of the bulldozer deal. But I didn't blame him. I am sure that crying and carrying on in the dentist office is a very normal thing to do. I am sure that if I hadn't done so outwardly, I certainly have cried and carried on quietly when I am in the dentist office. So, I didn't even go in because I knew I wouldn't be much help in there. Some things are best for just mommy to take care of. I didn't think pictures were necessary. Anyway he made it through both "D" visit's and got his new bulldozer so he is once again happy. So for awhile there will be no more haircuts, no doctor visits, and no dentist visits. Life is good again.

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Alice said...

bless his little heart! what a lot of trauma in his life lately - lol. you are such a great grandmother - i really envy you the fun you are having. i can't believe you photo'd the doctor's visit - too funny!