Thursday, March 5, 2009

A mind of his own!

This is one sweet little guy. He is happy about 95% of the time. He wakes up happy he goes to sleep happy. All through the day he is easy going and pretty much goes with the flow.....until you take him to get a haircut. Today was the day we were going to go get a haircut. I had trimmed his hair about a month ago and he was so good and I talked to him about how when he went to his next haircut it wouldn't be a big deal. He agreed. Until today when it was actually time to go get one. He kept saying "I don't want a haircut". He wasn't kidding. When we went in to get his hair cut he started "rebeling" (to put it nicely). The girl said "if he cries and carries on we can't cut his hair". I told her he would cry and carry on, but that they still cut it. seems since the last time he got a haircut they have passed a new Child protection law that if the child rebels against it loud enough they can't do it. Give me a break. Did someone see him the last time he got a haircut??? Did someone see us holding him upside down to get his hair cut? Well, I don't know when or why but there is now evidently a law that says you cannot cut a childs hair if he is carrying on since they are using a sharp object and could possibly hurt the child. So now a child has the right to wear his hair long because he doesn't want a haircut. He kept saying he wanted Nana to cut his hair. SO....we shall see what kind of a haircut Nana can give him. The other thing he really doesn't like to do is go to the doctor. That comes on Monday. I wonder if they have any new laws that if a child rebels loud enough a doctor can't check him out. We will find that out on Monday.

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Alice said...

i'm just now reading this, sorry, so FUNNY! i love it! yeah, so let us know how the doctor trip went!