Thursday, March 19, 2009

Finally Spring!

Spring has finally sprung around here. I LOVE it. The azeala's are just beautiful. However, the allergies are really bad. Tanek has had his eyes so swollen and itchy and sore from all the pollen and whatever else is blooming around here. Just had to take this picture of him in front of the flowers and as soon as he got near them he started sneezing so it was back to the house.

These lillies are blooming all over the yard and I love them. They have really multiplied this year and are coming up in quantities I didn't used to have.


Alice said...

your flowers are beautiful! i really like the lilies - they remind me of my mom - she used to always have lilies blooming in the spring - thanks for the good memories :O)

Karen said...

Your flowers are so pretty and I love the springtime look in your yard. O, those lilies wreak havoc on the allergies tho!