Friday, March 6, 2009

Barber shop at Nana's!

Today we played "barber shop". Tanek wasn't exactly a willing player but he endured the best he could. It beat the alternative of going to get his hair cut somewhere else. First off, this black cover didn't stay on for anytime. We had hair all over him and me and everywhere. I am definitely NOT a beautician. I don't really know how to cut hair at all, but I worked at it until at least you couldn't put a ponytail on top of his head. Everyday one of his favorite things to say to me is "Nana, you are not sad, you are happy". I always tell him yes, I am happy. While I was cutting his hair he sat there and said "I'm not happy". Usually he always says he is happy. Well after we got his hair cut and gave him a shower and got all the hair off of him and me and he was all clean and hair free he was happy again. I am sure the haircut will need some adjusting by mommy and daddy, but it is a work in progress.

Above the look of dread. Below, I'll humor you for a short time. Let's get it over with.
All done and fresh from the shower. "Tanek is happy again".

Not too bad of a haircut even if I say so myself.
He still loves his nana. Just not a fan of haircuts.
His reward for going through all this was a mini Hershey bar. That made him quite happy.

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Alice said...

i think your haircut looks great! he is still your cute little, adorable tanek...what mroe could you ask for? fun post, nana :O)