Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Latest Project!

I just redecorated the guest bedroom. A year ago I didn't even know who "Lightning McQueen" was. We visited the Maryland Family and Emily introduced Tanek to "Lightning" and the whole cars theme began. Since he had such fun with the shake -um cars he got some for Christmas. Then he got the movie and THEN everything revolved around "Mine" alias "Lightning McQueen". Because when you shake up the car it said "The checker flag is MINE" that became his name. Soon everything he liked was related to "Mine". So when it was time to redo the bedroom it seemed like a good idea to choose the Cars theme. It seemed like a good idea to do the bedroom in cars since he and Emily like them so much. And you have to admit, those are some happy little guys (the cars) they all have such cute smiling faces. It is bright, cheerful and happy. What more could you want? Above is the toy holder which holds the toys in plastic containers. It also got the toybox out of the den and makes it easier to find the toys without having to dig for them. The curtains of course have the different cars on them. So do the pillow cases. A "Lightning McQueen" night light.
Above shelf with pictures and the dvd player to listen to music while taking a nap. Books on all the shelves to read.
Lots and lots of books. Old classic books, some of them were even old when our children were little so they are real classics. And of course some newer books.
Nice bed to take naps on or sit and read and watch TV. Must have a "cars" blanket too.
Here is the little TV and dvd player set on none other than "Mine" and "Towie". Of course we watch "cars" very very often.
This is a picture that "Meme Anita" took when she was at Disney. It is one of those expensive little hybrid cars that was made to look like Lightning McQueen. SO, of course she had to take a picture for his room. I am sure he would love to have the real car, but I don't think so. There are a few more things needed to complete the room. A activity rug of Radiator Springs and some more cars stickers to go on the wall. The rug is not in the stores right now and I am waiting and hoping they get more in. Other than that, I think it is a pretty cute bedroom and a play area. It makes me happy when I go in there and I think Tanek likes it pretty well too. I am sure the other grand-children will also enjoy it. Well maybe not Kirsten and Hannah since there are no horses in there, but I guess I can put some horses in there when they come and maybe a little princess crown too.


Karen said...

What a great Nana to decorate a whole room for your grandchild! It's fun to decorate with Cars because they ARE so stinkin' cute! You have many years left to enjoy it because Austin is 9 and still loves them and still lines them all up (he has around 35 now) in his room. He seriously collects them and I'll save them for his kids.

Nana said...

Since Tanek stays here 3 days a week I thought it would be nice for him to have a room he really liked and could have all his toys in and take his naps etc. I do love the cars and I am sure the room will stay that way for a very long time. He doesn't seem to be getting tired of them at all and they just keep coming out with more cute things. I am hoping they will come out with a Cars 2 movie.

Wife and Mom said...

It looks really great Nana! You did a great job. I know that all the grandkids will love it when they are there.