Friday, July 25, 2008


This is the time of year that Minnesota looks good to me. Above is our rain gage. So far this week we have had a little over 6 inches of rain ...since Monday. And would you believe there is not ONE puddle in our yard. We don't get standing water at least not for very long. It is making everything grow and our yard is starting to have a "jungle" look. It is about a twice a week job to keep it mowed. It is the time of year with Floridians say, survive if you can. If not, Oh Well! I love it to rain though. Every day I don't have to get out and water all this is like a extra few hours a day for me. I do love to watch the rain come down. Sometimes it is hard to believe it can come down so hard and fast and in an hour you can get 2 inches of rain.

These are the little 4 inch plants I planted a couple months ago. They are on their way to being big. This is also the time of year that you realize the things you planted really can get bigger than you thought. Never fear, soon winter will take care of that little problem.
This is a variegated wigela (whatever that is) and it will soon be covered with all these cute little pink flowers. These can get as big as they want and take up this whole space and I will be happy with that. No weeding necessary then.
This is my plumosa. I have cut it back several times and it just keeps growing. It will soon cover the walkway and be dipping in the pool, but this time of year you cut it back carefully. Who knows what may be lurking under it? So goes summertime in Florida. But... even with the heat and humidity Florida is a good place to live. It is a perfect place to enjoy a pool. We have certainly used ours this summer and it feels so good to get in that nice warm water, some days it is cool especially after a big rain, but it still feels good. By cool I mean the water temp drops to 88-90 degrees. I prefer water temps of about 95, but 90 is ok. So, come on down and enjoy the heat with us. In a couple months it will be gone and we will be wishing for summer to come back.


Karen said...

I would love to come down for a swim! I have wigela and I love it but so do the bunnies so if it gets munched down, that's the culprit. When we were down at Jennies, it started raining every afternoon and it drove Casey crazy! She couldn't believe that you had to do whatever you were going to do outside before 2 o'clock! She got very frustrated - it was funny!

Wife and Mom said...

Ahh--it is so hot! Your plants are pretty. All I see right now when I look outside is a heap of rubble that is heading for the dump before the floors go in. yuck.

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