Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Special Friends---Special time!

Today Anita and her mom and grand-daughter Morgan came over for the afternoon. We had a wonderful lunch and then just visited and played a game of Phase 10. It was a nice rainy afternoon and a perfect day to be doing what we did just spending time with good friends on a nice summer afternoon.

Morgan was such a good sport and played with Tanek. He fell in love with Morgan. She is not only beautiful but was so much fun. She is a competitive dancer and is very good. Long, lean and limber. Has all the qualities she needs.
Tanek had his first dance with a girl other than his mom or nana. He enjoyed it quite a bit. He just had so much fun laughing, running and playing. He was very happy to have Morgan there.

Dancing to the music of the little dog on the couch to "singing in the rain". Very fitting for today.

Morgan is showing him how to hold up his leg.
He just thinks it is very funny.
Thanks Morgan, you showed a little boy a fun day.

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Kim Mann said...

That was absolutely precious. Morgan enjoyed playing with Tanek so much. She is still talking about it. The pictures are adorable... I especially love the dancing one! She keeps talking about the way he was laughing and trying to get her to pick him up!
What a ladies' man.... :) Mom says thanks for the memories!