Monday, August 4, 2008

Papa's Garden cont.

When the grand-children were all here this summer they help Papa plant some more peas. The picture below shows the peas they planted and they are doing very well. To the far right is the okra and it is still bringing it in. The plants on top are the bell peppers and we have got so many off of them and they are SO good. Behind Papa he has planted more peas and butter beans. Even with the hot summer heat they are doing ok. The rain showers almost every day are really helping too. Everything else is through. The only thing that just didn't work was the pumpkins. I think we planted them way to early. I got one pumpkin and it isn't too big and it is shaped very funny. I think we should try replanting them now and maybe we would get some by the end of October. But I don't really care if we have them or not.

Papa is going to have SO many peas to shell if these all grow, but he doesn't mind shelling them and he loves to eat them. This garden the first he has planted has really done pretty well and we are already thinking about what we will plant next.

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Wife and Mom said...

It still looks great. He has worked very hard this year.