Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesterday was Stephanie's birthday. August is the month of birthdays in our family. First Richard, then mine,then Stephanies. Since we were also going through Tropical Storm Fay there wasn't a whole lot we could do. We went to lunch and then spent the afternoon at Nana's house.
Tanek loves to dance to the little singing bear we have that sings "singing in the rain". Lately that has been a huge reality. Now we are singing "rain, rain, go away" I was so happy to have Stephanie and Tanek with me during the storm. Gary was gone and Ricky had to work late so we had a birthday/storm party.
Tanek loves to dance and have you spin him round and round. He just laughs and wants to do it over and over.
Spin me around mommy. This is so much fun.
Keep going round and round mommy. I love dancing with you.
Now for the big turns and dips. Fun, fun, fun.
Again, do it again.
Tanek likes to dance with Nana too. He wears her out after about the first dance. It is harder to dance when you have to carry your partner.

He is ready to do it all again. It is best to have more than one dance partner to keep up with this little guy.

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Wife and Mom said...

You are all so adorable with your dancing . . . those days are back for me again and I love it too. Thanks you so much for coming to the luncheon and blessing me by sitting at my table. It meant a lot to me. Love you.