Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sunday was my birthday. I pretty much celebrated it all week-end. Friday night we celebrated with Don & Doris and Austin and Tina. It was also Don & Austins birthday month so we always get together and celebrate all 3 of our birthdays. We have done this for years and we always have a good time. Doris and Tina fixed a great dinner. We played our favorite game of "Phase 10". Saturday night we celebrated my birthday with Charles & Charlene with another delicious dinner. Sunday in SS I was presented with a card signed by everyone in the class and a small birthday cake. I am the person who sends out cards for the class, so they got together thanks to Bettykay and I got a beautiful card and a small cake. After going to lunch with Anita and Paul, and Kim & Dan & boys Stephanie brought Tanek over and we ate some of the birthday cake. I got a phone call from my son (who even though he was away on vacation for a few days didn't forget his dear ol mom) and calls from my brother and sister. It was a pretty good birthday and I am more and more thankful for each one that I get to celebrate. I feel very blessed to have reached #64. I will take all of them that God will allow me to have and enjoy each and everyone of them. I am very blessed and thankful to have a loving family and wonderful friends. Deal the cards. Getting ready to "beat" the men....and we did.

Opening my birthday gifts. Dessert time. Oreo Pie and Peanut Butter Pie. Yum!

Here is sweet little Tanek sharing a piece of my Birthday Cake. He even blew out the candle.
Two forks are better than one.

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Wife and Mom said...

Nana--I must apolgize that I was unaware it was your Birthday on Sunday. I must get more in touch with these things and I will never miss it again! I saw your pretty smile on Sunday from the choir and cannot wait to sit and catch up with you one day soon. It looks like your day was so much fun and shared with lots of your favorite people in person and on the phone. I love you and am so glad we are friends.