Sunday, August 24, 2008

God's Promise!

This afternoon after a "another" heavy rainstorm I walked out to see this beautiful rainbow. After going through what I went through this week-end with nasty water backing up in the house and dealing with that It was such a blessing to see this beautiful rainbow. And a great big blessing was when my son-n-law found out what the problem was and now I have NO water backing up in the house or yard. After going through almost a week of Fay and 12 inches of rain it was like God reminding me that he isn't going to destroy the world through a flood again. You kinda start wondering. Florida has been hit so hard with this Tropical Storm (not even a real hurricane). I think every part of the state was hit, some very very hard. It can really upset your world when everything starts going so wrong. I knew God would take care of me, yet, you wonder just what you will go through before it is over. My heart goes out to those that have suffered with so much flooding. I do pray for them. I had just a small touch of it and it is such a helpless feeling when the water is coming in and you can't do anything about it. Especially when your husband is three thousand miles away and can't help. What a blessing to have good friends and family to help. I thank all of you for your help and concern.
I was surprised that my little camera picked this up so clearly. I have always loved rainbows and this one was timed perfectly for me. And to have a double one at that. It just makes you stop and realize the awesomeness of God. He is STILL in control. Sometimes we forget that with all that goes on around us in this world. HE is in Control, what a beautiful reminder.
Today I read a book to my grandson about rainbows and the colors in there. The book pointed out that a little sunshine and a little rain and all the colors equals a rainbow. It really is amazing how God creates a rainbow. If I had had a big camera I could have captured the whole thing. It was a complete rainbow and was so beautiful, but I could only get a small part of it. But you can see the vibrant colors and the beauty of it.

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Wife and Mom said...

Really beautiful! I saw it too and DID NOT have my camera! Love you.