Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ladies Luncheon-Trinity Baptist Church

We had a great ladies lunchon today. Each table was decorated reflecting a Bible Verse. The overall theme was "All Things New" using Romans 12:2 as the verse. Being transformed. This is the stage where Jeanie (our pastors wife spoke). She gave her testimony and it was amazing. She is an amazing Godly woman that God has used greatly. She is a very friendly outgoing fun woman as well as Godly. She is a great asset to her husband in his ministry.

Below are all the different tables. Each one is entirely different with a different Bible verse.
Jeannie & her mom. Jeannie gave her testimony, her mom sang and Jeannie, her mom and sister also sang.

"No Darkness" John 8:12

This is Pams table. Her theme was "I am not ashamed of the Gospel". She used Roosters. Remember when Peter denied Jesus 3 times before the Roster crowed.? Pretty cool huh? This is the table I sat at.

"Honey" Proverbs 16:24

I can't possibly match all the tables up with their themes, but as you can see each one was done in a different theme. We had such a nice lunch catered by the "Ivy House". You can't beat that.
the music was good and Jeannies testimony was very touching and inspiring. It was just a nice time of fellowship.

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Wife and Mom said...

I love these and have enjoyed looking through them all. I am cracking up at how many times I see myself in the background with my camera--my favorite place to be, doing what I really love to do.

Thank you again for choosing my table--it was so much fun.