Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Misc. Cruise Pictures.

Here are some misc. pictures in no particular order. Below is our server and assistant server.
These 2 were great. Lidia was from the Dominican Republic and Mladen was from Serbia. They were so nice and treated us so good. We couldn't always understand everything they said, but we did pretty well. These vest they have on started out being white with black characters on them as well as the walls were black and white. Then they put on a show and the whole room came alive with lots of color and so did their vest. It was very cool.
Mladen is teaching Tanek magic tricks with his crayons.
They introduced all the servers and they went around greeting everyone at their tables. We had the same servers every night. They went to the different restaurants with us.

You can see that at the beginning their vest were black and white. Mladen really was so nice to Tanek and took up a lot of time with him.

Lidia was so sweet. We really liked her.
This was Tanek the day we went to the island and then he came back and went swimming. He was worn out. He went full force all day, but when he stopped he crashed.

This was our last night before we had to come home. :(

Here are some pictures of our room. It was really pretty good size.

Each night our maid left us an animal out of towels.

We had two rooms for the bathroom. One room had the commode and a sink the other a tub/shower and a sink. That was really convenient. Tanek loved flushing the toilet because it made such a loud noise and he thought it was very funny.

I loved the large window to look out of. Some rooms had sliding doors with a deck, but I was kinda glad we didn't have a way out so we didn't have to worry about Tanek going overboard.
He loved climbing on the shelf to look out the window and I can imagine he would have loved climbing on the rails if he could have got to them.

This is Disney Island

Tanek standing in front of the cannon on the island.

Asleep again.

The beautiful Disney Wonder. I LOVE this ship!

Whenever we came on the ship we always had this sign up welcoming us back home. I really liked my home too.

Tanek at Atlantis

One of the lights at Atlantis. Atlantis is advertising if you stay 3 nights the 4th will be free. What a bargain. Wonder how much those first 3 would cost?

We walked through the casino. It was pretty dark and the picture didn't turn out very good. They had a ton of machines.

Their light fixtures like everything else were very beautiful

A glass sculpture


Alice said...

wow! this looks like an awesome trip! do you want to adopt me and kali? please?

Karen said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time and had great weather!