Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Inside fun?

What do you do on cold winter days when it is too cold too be outside? Why you can wii of course. Papa is really into wii bowling. I think this picture was taken when he thought he should have gotten a strike and didn't. This is serious business.

Tanek is playing one of the games. He loves riding the bike and going through the balance courses. His favorite thing is to jump into the ocean on the bike. (not what your supposed to do) but he likes the thrill of the great jumps, or being knocked into the water by a large ball.
Much more fun to play the game by his own rules than actually trying to win at it. He has gotten very good at bowling and has a high score of 190. It isn't unusual for him to score somewhere between 100 and 150. He keeps us on our toes. You don't want a 3 year old to beat you in bowling.

He also likes drawing on his new easel. Lot's of winter fun things to do, but we are looking forward to when we can get back outside and take walks or swing or go to the park. We have enjoyed out inside games, but we are ready to break out of the house......soon!


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

We need a "like" button on blogs.

Alice said...

how cute tanek is! i know he's a lot of fun for you both. :O)