Monday, January 25, 2010

The Bahama's

On Friday we docked at Nassau. We decided to tour Atlantis. It is So beautiful and expensive.
It was a beautiful day. About 80 degrees and a nice breeze. The kind of day you could get used to real quick.
We walked around the acquarium and looked at all the fish. They were so pretty and so many different kinds. There was also a diver in the acquarium and we watched what he was doing.

The inside of the hotel was just beautiful. Lots of stores (very expensive stores) and a cassino,
plus the acquarium running through it. The decor was very lavish and ornate. The plants lush.

So much fun just watching all the fish. There were little baby fish and huge fish of all kinds.

The blue water is so clear and beautiful.

This picture below that has the room in the middle of the 2 buildings cost $25,000 a night with a four night minimum. The guide called it the Michael Jackson suite. It is booked solid for the next 5 years. So in 5 years if you book now for $100,000 you can stay there. I am saving my $$
to stay there. Haha.

The weather could not have been more perfect. You can see the trees blowing. It was so nice.
It felt so good to enjoy the warm tropical weather after what we have been having here. And you can imagine how much our northern friends were enjoying this day. Actually the weather was pretty great during the whole cruise.

This house is owned by the local dentist in Nassau. I guess business is pretty good.

It started to cloud up and we did have a quick shower in the late afternoon. We were getting ready to take the water taxi back to the ship.

The house hidden in all the trees (you can just barely see the white roof) is owned by Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

This lady was getting paid to take a picture with her. I snapped the picture by herself for free.
Everywhere on the Island people are hustling for your money.

This ship pulled in after we were there. There is a total of 4 ships in port right now. This ship is the largest cruise ship of all. It is the Oasis by Royal Caribbean. It was huge. Very pretty. I still prefer the Disney ship. I don't know how many people this would hold, but way more than I want to be around. It was a beautiful ship though.

We had a great time walking around Atlantis. We didn't do much in the town. It is pretty dirty and just a lot of tourist stuff for sale. We did get our passports stamped though and so now I finally have a stamp on my passport.:)


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Keep the pictures coming!! Richard and I got to explore Atlantis and it was so pretty! We really enjoyed the aquarium and seeing the incredible blown glass sculptures that hung from the ceiling in the casino - did you see those? Seeing all those places makes me want to go back!

Alice said...

gorgeous scenery! beautiful photos of a great trip! thanks for sharing them with us :)