Saturday, February 6, 2010

High School Friends

A few months ago I reconnected with a long time friend that I hung out with in High School. We graduated about 48 years ago. We were child prodigies and graduated at a very young age>:o)
Today we met at the Olive Garden in Ocala. She lives in Oklahoma and was visiting her mom who lives in Inverness. We had not seen each other in about 40 years or more. We both grew up and graduated from high school in California. So we have both traveled a lot of miles and through many years. It was so nice to beable to reconnect and catch up on all the years. It was nice to see where God has led us in our years since graduation.

We spent about 4 hours just talking, looking at old yearbooks and catching up on each others lives. After all these years it was just like we had not been apart. We just took up where we left off all those years ago. It was a very special time and I will always cherish the time we spent together. She will go back to Oklahoma on Monday but we will keep in touch. We reconnected threw FB.
Here she is with her mom and they also have a very special story. She is the only friend from highschool that I have been able to spend time with. It really was a special time and I really love that we were able to get together. Hopefully she will make more trips down here and I can spend some time with her.

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