Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunny Florida????

NO, this isn't Florida. I borrowed this picture from my daughter in law when they had one of their snowfalls in Maryland. It is beautiful. I figured if I have to be THIS cold, it should look like this. However, we don't have the beauty of the snow, but it is cold enough (in my opinion ) to look like this. This is what I think it would feel like, what we are feeling right now. I hate to be such a complainer (and I am doing a lot of it this week) but it is COLD here. I realize that it is January, but.....it is also Florida. It should NOT be this cold here.....ever. Anyway, just thought I would have some fun with the blog, since it is too cold to be doing much else. Hope everyone is staying warm. And I finally figured out how to change my blog background by myself. That is a big accomplishment. SO...maybe being freezing cold and having to stay in the house and too cold to do much of anything has some value. Have a great day everyone. Only 75 days until Spring.

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Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Sorry you are so cold Nana. I love your new bloggy background - it's very YOU!!! And congrats on getting it figured out by yourself. I got my birthday gift in the mail yesterday - thank you so much!!