Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good Friends

We have had our dog Daisey for about 10 + years. We got her from the animal shelter in Ocala after Kirsten's 3rd birthday party. She has been a great dog. She is Gary's dog. She loves him so much. Being a typical woman I guess she just prefers the company of males. She has decided that Tanek is a good companion too. She is so gentle and easy going. I hate that she is getting old. She has a hard time seeing and hearing.... unless it is food. She hears that clearly. She is becoming a good friend to Tanek. She will let him hug on her and just be real sweet.
Tanek says Daisey misses him when he isn't here. I think she does. She is a sweet dog and we love her. She is a good playmate for Tanek.

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