Thursday, January 14, 2010

Work day around the yard!

Today started out real cold, but it quickly turned into a beautiful day. I couldn't wait to get outside and get all the covers off the plants and cut all the frozen growth off the plants. Mainly I just wanted to be outside in the warm sunshine, get some fresh air and exercise. Tanek and papa helped too. Tanek was enjoying himself. Every once in awhile he would say, this work is really hard. But he was all to happy to be helping. I cut off a lot of limp brown growth from the plants. It was good to see that some of them still had some green underneath. I know it is a little early to cut it all back, but the weather man keeps saying we won't have anymore of this extreme cold and we all know they NEVER make a mistake. Besides, it was already dead, so I was ready to get rid of it.

Tanek has his own rake just his size and was really putting a lot of effort into getting it all raked.
He was very happy to be working along side his papa and getting to ride on the tractor with him to go dump all the stuff I cut back. I think they dumped 3 or 4 trailer loads.

When they got tired of picking up, they would sit on the tractor and wait for me to finish cutting more.
This afternoon after we finished we swung on the swing, went for a walk and just enjoyed the beautiful day. This is what winter in Florida is supposed to be like.

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