Thursday, April 3, 2008

Two Furry O'Steens

This is Daisey who is "all" Gary's dog. She loves him to pieces and tolerates me if I will feed her or give her a treat. But if she can have Gary all to herself she is much happier.

This is Stanley. He came for me and Daisey tolerates him too. I told Daisey if she had been nicer to me then Stanley wouldn't even be here. So she can just put up with him. He does annoy her a lot but he loves me and he loves Gary too. He isn't much for kids or stangers though. He is pretty sweet most of the time. He can be quite yappy especially when I am on the phone.

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Wife and Mom said...

They are really cute and I love the way their personalities sound. And you thought you had your teenagers out of the nest. haha