Monday, April 7, 2008

After Church on Sunday Night!

Shortly after church on Sunday night the question is "where are we going to go eat?" Tonight it was Wendy's. It varies. Keystone doesn't have to many places to offer so sometimes we go into Starke, but mostly we stay in Keystone. Wendy's needs to stock up on Frosty's as they usually run out. (Could it be because they give them out free with a church bulletin?)
Sharing food and friendship.
This little ham in the back corner loves to have his picture taken. And what a sweetie little girl in front.
Waiting for their food.

Megan is enjoying making some new friends at Trinity.

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Wife and Mom said...

These are really fun pictures Nana! I love all of these people alot. Yes, Megan does seem to be making some "special" friends. haha