Saturday, April 5, 2008

Country Living!

Last fall we painted this huge building. It is 1/2 garage and 1/2 whatever. Mine half is the whatever. I used to use it when cutting out leotards. I have a great big table in there. I am working on making it into a card studio where I can make my cards. isn't there yet. Anyway we made it look good on the outside. We used about 30 bags of rock to make the two walkways and unbelieveable amounts of mulch. It is easier to keep up now. Next project (this fall hopefully) is to paint the house the same color.
This is my new hydrangea bush. The reason it is so pretty is because thats how it was when I bought it a few days ago. Wonder what it will look like in a few weeks?
Papa is watering his garden. This is his new project. He has planted peas, corn, squash, okra(yuk) cucumbers, watermelons (yum) tomatoes, bell peppers. If it all comes up we will eat good this summer. He gets to pick, shell and do all that stuff. I don't do that. I also DON'T do anything to okra. In my opinion it is the nastiest veggie ever grown. But it is his favorite. How do you ever get a taste for okra???? You must have to grow up in the south and start very young. The peas are already sprouting. That is a very good sign. He is going to be Very busy shelling.


Karen said...

I love the picture of Papa & Tanek! Tanek will have precious memeories of spending time with both of you. I agree about okra!! Yuck! Love the garden - you are so lucky to have that kind of space - I would LOVE to have a huge garden like that.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

I love your pea sprout picture! You are taking pictures of everything now!! I'm rubbing off on you! :)

Nana said...

Yes you are. Who would ever think of taking a picture of a pea spout?

Wife and Mom said...

OK, I know I am going to let some people down but . . . I confess, I love okra. I can't explain it but it's true.

Nana, I'm bringing Brooke out to look at it one day after things grow up if you will allow us to. Love this garden and Papa. Makes me want one.

Nana said...

If it all grows you can not only bring Brooke to look at it but you can take some okra home with you too. If it all grows we will have lots of excess. This rain has been wonderful for it.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

We need more pictures of the garden! Anything else coming up yet?