Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Cars" Pasta

Yesterday evening when I walked out the door to take Tanek home there were 2 boxes of "mine" pasta on my front porch in a bag. We came in and took a look at them. When Tanek saw that "mine" was on the box also known as Lightning McQueen he had to have a box to take home with him. This is the box I have left at my house. He wanted to have it at the table while he ate lunch. Wondering who had left us this little surprise. We found out that Pam had her son leave it on our front porch. Thanks Pam. You made a little boy very Happy.
He is checking it out. As you can see he has quite a few car items around him. Even his shirt has "mine" on it. I think Disney it really making a fortune off these cute little race cars.
He is really studying the box to see what all is on there. I wonder how he will like "mine" mac & Cheese. We shall see.
He is eating his grilled cheese sandwhich with all the "mine" items around him.
Here he is playing with his Papa after Papa came in from mowing the grass. He likes Papa's moustache.


Wife and Mom said...

You are sweet Nana! I was so excited to finally find something that he didn't have that was Cars. I got Brooke the Mickey Mouse ones just like them. You tell Tanek to let me know if he ever needs more.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Before I even read who left the surprise on your front porch I knew just who it was!! Thats the kind of person Pam is! Have fun eating up your cars Tanek! I think Tanek officially has Emily beat on the Cars obsession - at least she has moved on to something a little more feminine, PINK, PINK, PINK!!!

Nana said...

Emily is the one that started this "cars" obsession. When we were up there last fall and she had the cars to play with. That started it. I am wondering if it will ever end. I don't think anything holds his attention like these little race cars do. But I have to admit, I think it is so cute and I like the cars too.