Saturday, April 26, 2008

Papa's Garden Grows!

As you can see Papa's garden is growing. He has been working in it everyday and it is looking good. This is rows of peas, and butter beans and okra (yuk). He will enjoy the okra and he will even learn how to cook the yuky stuff. I don't touch it. It is very yuky. Everything else in the garden is "good".
I think this may be a close up of the peas. I forgot what I took and I can't tell what they are unless I see where he planted them. I am not the gardener. I grow flowers.

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Karen said...

Love, love, love the garden! You are going to be running a farmers market! Everytime I see your garden pics, it makes me think you're growing a garden on the beach shore because I'm not used to the sandy ground anymore! That would be a perfect world to me - beach and garden! Ditto on yucky okra-but my grandma sure likes it. You'll love the "better boy" tomatoes. I grow those, along with chives (Casey's fave), cucumbers, onions and peppers. That's about all I have room for.