Thursday, July 12, 2012

More fun in Maryland with Family

I am so far behind on my blogging.  I have been back from my trip for almost a month and I still haven't blogged half of it yet.  What with coming home to jet lag, tropical storm Debbie and the clean up after ward and now a week of working in VBS I just haven't had time.  Hopefully I will get caught up soon.  The below pictures are just some random shots of the grand kids and things we did while there.
This is our Sweet Emily.  I miss her and love her so much.  She is a riot and you never know what she may come up with next.  

We went on a picnic after school was out.  It was such a nice day and such a pretty place to have a picnic.  

There was a river and Hannah and Emily had a great time in it.  The water was "very" cold.

Hannah is catching minnows.

Hannah shooting baskets with her soccer ball.

She is pretty good too!
Kirsten is ready to go to the dance.  My first grand child is all grown up.  Such a pretty young lady.

We drew mermaids on the drive way.  Emily is making Heather into a mermaid.  We  really came up with some interesting mermaids.

Sunday night is family story night.  Richard reads to the family out on the deck when the weather is nice.  It was nice, but it did turn pretty cool when the sun went down so we had blankets to cover up.

 At the barn with Kirsten.  She teaches riding lessons out there.

Emily likes horses too!

Kirsten was playing her guitar and Emily was dancing to the music.

It was a great visit, but very short.  After spending 4 1/2  days with the family in Maryland I left there on Sunday afternoon and flew to Portland, Oregon.  More coming about that visit.

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awww - I love these pictures! it's fun to see things through your eyes!