Sunday, July 15, 2012

Dinner in Oregon on Launch Day!

I arrived in Portland on the evening of June 10, which is the day Lori launched her "Challenge the Cycle" ride.  My sister and Larry picked me up and we joined them for dinner in a small town near Mt. Hood.  Lori was so excited at the turn out and the amount of support she received for her launch.  It was a lot of fun to join them and be a part of that energy and excitement.

Lori with one of her child hood friends from Vancouver, Wa.

 Lori with the two ladies that were driving the van the first week and Rhonda (Larry's daughter, who is now my sister's daughter in law and good friend).

Larry and Rena the week before their wedding.
  The Van that is part of the team.  Each week 2 ride in the van to support and help Lori along the way with anything that might be needed.  They are so much support to her.

This is my "baby" brother, his wife Lori and daughter Randee.  I had a great time visiting a couple days with them.  Sure miss seeing them more often.  Vancouver Washington is just too far away from Florida.

My nephew Bob and his wife Doreen.  We met them at the Portland airport on Tuesday night and had dinner with them while they had a lay over on their way home from Hawaii.  

I was staying in Louisiana with my sister and her family when this "little" guy was born a few years ago.  Not given out any ages, but I was 18 at the time.

Larry & Rena at the Portland airport.

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