Saturday, July 21, 2012

Miscellaneous Pictures

Beautiful Mt. Hood
Randee and Dodger
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Lori, Randee, and Dodger.  Walking in their neighborhood.  
 My nephew Richard, his beautiful wife Leslianne and their beautiful little girl Lucy.
 Whenever the family gets together there is always a lot of food. 
Lori is back for her mom's wedding after her first week of "Challenge the Cycle".  
 Lori, Leslianne & Lucy
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 The newest Dr. in our family.  Dr. Jerry Marvel and his wife Kerry.  Jerry is also my nephew.  We are very proud of him.

Lori with Remington

Rena and Don

Rena and Larry.  The night before the wedding.

Two sisters and our little brother

The studs

Jose and Lori

Jose, Lori, and Rhonda

 Lori and her Uncle Don

Me & Lori

My niece Lori, and my sister in law Lori

Lori and Dodger.  

Bob and Doreen all tan from their trip to Hawaii.

My brother Don

There is always laughter when we all get together.  

Rehearsing for the wedding.
We all had a great time.  It was the first time in many years that I got to be with this many of my family at one time.  It was great.  We not only were anticipating my sister and Larry's wedding the next day,  celebrating Lori's first week of "Challenge the Cycle", Jerry just getting his doctorate degree and just getting together for fun, food and laughter.  I also got to meet my great-niece Lucy for the first time and my new niece in law Leslianne for the first time.  
Sure wish my family lived a little closer.  

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