Thursday, December 8, 2011

Maryland Trip- Day 3 & 4

It has taken me so long to finish this trip but I am now posting day 3 4. On Tuesday we went to the girls school for grand-parent day. Every year in November they have grand-parents day and you get to go to their school an observe what they are doing. They have chapel in the morning and each class shows some of the things they are learning. They do a lot of memorization. It is amazing to hear these kids reciting long verses or even books of scripture, poems or any number of things. They are taught such respect that when the headmaster walks up to the front they immediately get quiet without him saying a word. When an adult walks into the room they stand up. It is a classical education school and it is amazing. These kids learn so much and are so smart. I wish we had a school like that in this area. My grand-daughter Hannah does not like to have her picture taken and she is at the age I was trying very hard not to embarrass her, so I just had to capture a few shots when she wasn't looking.

Hannah is a very sweet and compassionate girl with very tender feelings. She is friendly to everyone at school and tries hard to make sure no one feels left out. She is a very special girl. She loves nature, birds and animals. She would much rather be outside in the woods than in class, but of course she must go to class too!. She has so many of the same interests that I do and we have a very special bond.

My youngest grand-daughter Emily is a trip. There is NO telling what she might come up with. If you are not careful she will try to teach the class. She comes up with some of the funniest things and you just have to smile at her. She is the performer in the family. She loves all the attention she can get and will perform for you. She will sing, dance or recite for you. She is very precious.

This is her teacher. I love this teacher. Hannah had her in pre-school and for kindergarten. She is great. She is fun and loves the kids. She makes her class very interesting and Emily is enjoying her class very much.

Tanek enjoyed visiting Emily's class because he is in kindergarten too! He is home schooled and it was fun for him to see how other schools work. He even answered a couple questions (that he wasn't asked) but just got into it. He and Emily are just 2 1/2 months apart in age. He is the youngest. He loved visiting "his cousins" as he loves to call them. He was happy sitting with his Aunt Heather.

He is enjoying being in school with Emily. Don't you love those beautiful braids Emily has?

Here is our sweet Emily

This is the kindergarten class in chapel.

Tanek is waiting for chapel to start with Aunt Heather and Uncle Richard and mommy.

Hannah was handing out programs when we walked in. She did NOT want me to take her picture but I did anyway. She did give me a big smile anyway. After chapel the school had a very nice reception for the parents and grand-parents. In the afternoon we went to the upper school to observe Kirsten's class. I did NOT take pictures of her. I knew better than to press my luck on that one. Kirsten is in the 11th grade and I cannot even relate to the classes she is in. She has classes that I never took and they are way over my head. She is way to smart for me. She is a very talented writer and is working on a novel. She is a good artist also. One day we will be reading books that she has published. I have no doubt about that. Her biggest love is horses and if she could she would live at the barn. Each one of my grand-daughters are so different, but so special. They all have very individual personalities and a couple of them are very headstrong. I guess they get that from their mom. :)

We also got to observe Hannah's ballet class. Hannah is a very graceful dancer. She is long and lean and very pretty to watch. However.....she did not like me taking pictures of her. But some times she just has to put up with her nana.

This is Hannah's domain. She loves the woods and so does Emily. They have a fort down here that they build individual rooms. They have trees to climb and there is a little stream. This is where I think Hannah likes to be the best. It really was pretty this time of year with all the leaves in color.

You can tell the difference in a Florida boy and a Maryland girl. We Floridians were cold and they were enjoying a "warm" day.

Hannah showing us around "her woods".

She even has a fish tank down there. All the comforts of home.

All the joys of nature.

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