Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Day 2011

It has taken me since Christmas to try to post this.  Blogger has changed something and won't take my browser .  I had to change it and I dislike the new change.  ANYWAY.  Here are some pictures posting last first. Go figure.
We had a birthday party for Jesus.  Tanek and his mommy made this delicious cake.  We were sure Jesus liked it too because it is chocolate. 

We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and Tanek blew out the candles for Him
 Tanek loves lego's and can never have enough.  SO he was quite happy to have more lego's under his tree.  And under our tree too!

 He is very good at putting Lego's together.  He and his mommy spent lots of time building lego's and he has a whole lego city with all sorts of things in his city.
 This was his city "before Christmas".  It has grown larger now.
 He was very happy to get a globe for Christmas.  Not what your average 5 year old asks for on Christmas but he was very pleased.  He loves to learn about other countries and states and loves talking about where he was born.
 More lego's from his Uncle Richard, Aunt Heather and his "cousins".
 And a pogo stick.  He is having fun learning how to do this.
Tanek had a very Happy Christmas. I love that after each gift he would say thank you and let you know he wanted that gift.  He was also very concious that everyone else got their gifts to open too.  Another Christmas has come and gone, but I think we did really well celebrating the "reason for the season."

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