Friday, November 25, 2011

Maryland Trip....Day 2

I have got behind on my blogging trying to get ready for Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas decorations. On Sunday afternoon of our trip we went to this bouncy place for Emily's birthday.
It was so much fun. There were big bouncy slides and bouncers. Everyone had a great time.
Richard is pushing Heather against the bouncy slide and bouncing her back and forth.

It's amazing how fast these slides are.

Tanek had a ball

Emily had a good time too!

And I had a great time. I loved it. It is fun to act like a kid again. Playing with your grand-children is a perfect reason to be a kid again.

Climbing up some of the slides was a little challenging....for me. But the grands had no trouble getting up them.

Bouncing is so much fun

Emily was really getting into it

Hannah is a natural

Wish we had one of these in Keystone

Cousins having a great time together. Tanek loved being with his cousins.

Emily and Heather



Uncle Richard

Sunday evening some friends came over to celebrate Emily's birthday

Can't believe my sweet little Emily is 6 years old already. Time goes by way too fast.

Emily blowing out her candles on her yummy birthday cake.

Emily recited a couple poems for us. On of the poems she even used a Brittish accent which was really cute.

We had such a nice visit and so much fun. I hate that we live so far away and can't see them often enough. I really miss my grand-daughters and would love to see them way more often. Tanek loved being with his Uncle Richard, Aunt Heather and his cousins.

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