Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Beautiful First Grand-Child!!!

It is hard to believe that my first grand-child Kirsten is almost all grown up. She is now 16, and a very smart and talented girl. When I visit them, it is hard to get much time with her as she is very busy. She is a straight A student, busy with working at the barn and riding horses (her first love), writing a novel and just in general being a very busy teen. She is the one that first made me a Nana, and I might add it is my favorite position I have ever held. Being a mom was great and I love being "mom", but being "Nana" is even better and she first bestowed that name on me. When my son and daughter in law moved to Maryland taking my first grand-child who was 4 years old at that time I thought the world would come to an end. It didn't, but it certainly changed.
Kirky as her friends and family like to call her is a very special girl. She is so smart that she is way over my head when she talks about certain things. I do love to sit in her room with her and talk to her though. She has so much wisdom for a 16 year old girl. She is "very", did I say "VERY" headstrong. She is very much like her Aunt Stephanie. Which is a good thing. People do not influence them easily. They know what they want and are willing to work to get it. I love that about both of them. They are not quitters. They are tough even though very sensitive.

I am very proud of both of them. When you are their friend you have a friend you can trust with anything. The fact that they are so strong willed is a good quality.....most of the time. It can make you crazy as Kirky's parents know, but we are very proud of this girl. These few pictures I got of her while I was up there were the only ones I got. She was gone a good deal of time that we were up there. She even went on a Mission trip to DC with her Junior class while we were there. She is very very busy.

Heather was fixing her hair one morning . This was a good time for me to capture some pictures of her because she couldn't get away.

All three of my grand-daughters have very long beautiful hair. They are all so pretty.

Its been a long time since they moved away and some how I survived the separation. But I do love when I can be around these girls. Each one is so unique and has so much to offer. What special grand-daughters I have.


Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

I love this post - she is definitely an incredible and unique little lady. I can't believe how smart she is. She just received her PSAT scores and they are mind boggling. We are so so SO proud of her! And we love her to the moon and back - even on the days that I feel like strangling her! :)

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Oh - and paybacks will be forth coming for posting pictures of me in my jammies - just sayin. :)

Nana said...

I owed you that for that picture you posted of me that made me look fat and mad!!! :) Plus the ones of me on the ground etc etc. I think I probably owe you a few more. Just saying!!!

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...