Monday, December 12, 2011

Time to Wrap up our Trip!

The last day we were in Maryland we went to the school to take some pictures for our Christmas card. Heather is such a good photographer. It was a rainy day and in a matter of about a 10 minute window she was able to get enough good shots to make my Christmas card. These are some pictures that I took (and did not use on my card). The leaves were still pretty and made a very pretty background.

Bailey and Brody doing what they like to do.

Such beautiful dogs.

Tanek is ready for his picture to be taken

Miss Emily and her beautiful hair

Hannah and Emily

Nana and her girls

I love these girls

Mrs. Delynne, a good friend of our family

Family Hugs

It's time to start saying good-by before we start our 1000 hour drive home. Tanek said it took 1000 hours and their were times that it seemed so.

A football from Uncle Richard for Tanek. Emily showing him what to do with it.

This will do nicely

I'm going to miss you Uncle Richard. I love you!

And then the long drive started. With, "are we there yet?", "I just want to be home", and "how much longer?" It did seem like it took 1000 hours, but we finally made it safe and sound after a very fun visit. And even before we finished our looooong drive home, Tanek was wondering when he would get to go back for another visit.

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