Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas time at the Kingdom!

Going to Disney during the Christmas season is probably my favorite time to go. The lights and decorations are awesome. No one does Christmas decorations quite like Disney. We had a great time, the weather was great, the crowds were light and we met up with Kim and Seth so Tanek had a friend to ride with.

The tea cups are always a favorite ride.

They were filming the Disney Christmas Parade that Saturday we were there. There were hundreds of people lined up on Main St. to watch it and hopefully be on TV. We took advantage of that time to go on over 21 rides and attractions without having to wait in long lines. It was great.

Seth was just a little dizzy on the tea cups

Stephanie and Kim

Love the beautiful flowers in the entrance of the Kingdom

And these 2 cute boys make it look even better

Hollywood Studio's is the place to see lots and lots of lights. I love this place!

The guns at the shooting gallery may be just a little too big for Tanek.

Watching the fireworks is always fun

Seth is teaching Tanek to play checkers.

The decorations and landscaping at Epcot are always beautiful

A beautiful December day in Florida!

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